Cash for Coaches! $5000+ packages


Be paid to take your team overseas!

Coaches travel free and are paid a CASH stipend for being delegation leader of tour!

Tournaments and International Matches

2016 BOYS and GIRLS 

  • 18u (after Aug. 1, 1998)
  • 16u (after Aug. 1, 2000)
  • 14u (after Aug. 1, 2002)

AssistBasketball Brochure Final

2015 example tours:       2015 Basis itinerary Switzerland-Italy    2015 Basis itinerary Spain


  • All competition is created for your travel! You pick country and  dates and we make it happen!
  • All basketball related fees are paid to ABN.  Travel and Tour costs are paid to our travel vendors. ABN is responsible for the basketball tournaments and game competitions and is not a travel agent. ABN  is the official operator of ABN basketball competitions. Early Registration closes in October. Pre-sale discounts end Jan 1. of preceding year.
  • Tournaments are normally represented by a minimum of 4 countries. Some tours may request single matches while traveling in lieu of a tournament.
  • You will NEVER be scheduled to play another USA team in pool play and will always play foreign teams unless you meet in the finals! ( We have had traveling USA teams beg us to schedule an extra rivalry match.. it is possible!)
  • All games full stop clock games under FIBA rules and played on indoor full sized hardwood or multi-use courts with NO outdoor tournament games. ( ***Except in Wilson Camp 3-3 streetball and Camp tournament is running clock)
  • All games have qualified licensed FIBA referees.
  • All venues will charge admission.. yes.. there will be fans!

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