EF Tour #2 France- Switzerland

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Tour Itinerary France-Switzerland $2685 NYC  $3385 ext#2ABN in Fr-Switzerland-NOV1-2011


  • July 3-July 12 or July 3-July 15, 2012
  • 10 days 4 games plus streetball tournament
  • or 13 days/ 9 games plus streetball tournament

City tours Toulouse, Agens, Geneva, Sct. Bernard, Zermatt, Lucerne ( Zurich)

  • Travel to incredible Colyayrac Saint cirq for a tough French basketball tournament. This city in the middle of the Provenc area brings back medievel charm at its best.
  • Play a minimum 4 games at the Tournament before driving on to tour Geneva and see the place where all the Nations united.
  • Go out on Beautiful Lake Geneva and see Mt. Blanc, Europe’s highest peak before driving by AVION where the bottles of water are made!
  • Stop at the real St. Bernard Monastery and see the puppy St. Bernards along with one of the world’s oldest hand written Bibles.
  • Stop at Zermatt and see the beautiful Matterhorn, icon of Disneyland. The train itself up the slope is an unforgettable event.
  • Meet an NBA Star ( TBA ) and NBA Coach Tom Sterner at the Wilson Camp! (www.swissbasketballcamp.com)
  • Here you will play a streetball tournament and play a tournament with the camp allstar teams which have been coached all week.
  • Now you have a choice.. end your tour with a streetball tournament at the Swiss All Star Camp ( Largest in Europe) or continue for an extension of three days and join the camp tournament giving 5 more games.
  • The extension tour offers a 5 game camp tournament vs. camp teams at the Swiss Wilson Camp, sightseeing in Luzern and Zurich, as well as the famous cogwheel train trip up Mt. Pilatus.
  • Parents.. you will also want to come on this beautiful trip
  • Prices valid until August 31, 2011.
  • Competition Strength: France B          Swiss  C

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