EF Tour #3 Poland-Germany

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EF Tour #3 Itinerary and Pricing Poland-Germany price $3068* NYC


  • * June 25- July 3, 2012
  • Depart to Warsaw, Return from Berlin
  • City tours in Warsaw, Berlin,

  • Participate in ABN Elite Fundamentals Team Camp
  • 1 full day of hands on training from college and NBA coaches
  • 2 team practices before you enter tourney
  • Guaranteed* 4 games vs. camp teams and we will find local teams to match your team in the event of any low age group ratio at the camp.
  • Outside matches with local teams in Warsaw and Berlin can be arranged¬† for no extra charge!
  • * Meet an NBA Star (TBA) player or coach
  • Visit Warsaw, one of the most beautiful cities in Europe and see all its charm
  • Visit Berlin and have hands on guided tours and see a centerpiece of Cold War relations.
  • This trip should give a semesters credit for a history class, alone!
  • Prices valid until Aug. 31, 2011.

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