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  • How do I-we register for a 2012 IHC Tournament ? You will pay a deposit with Assist Basketball Network of $300 if you are a team or pay $250 if you are an individual signing up which is fully refundable by September 15th, 2011. There is a form on the IHC brochure that we ask you kindly email to us before payment of the deposit. (The money will be held in a paypal account without movement)  Early discount registration can make your deposit lower. We place all individuals on select teams or on established teams by September 15, 2011.
  • Why are there two prices. One for tour and one for tournament fees? Two different companies cooperating together to form a fantastic team.
  • Tournament fees are what it will cost your team as well as per participant head count to be part of the tournaments. This is the business ABN is in. As a service to you, ABN works with the largest tour organizer in the world to give you the lowest possible prices for student travel. You can choose to use EF Tour price or not.
  • Why do we/I need to wait ? Because the prices you are quoted from our tour agency ( EF TOURS) is dependent on the number of travelers. WE WANT TO ASSURE YOU THAT YOU WILL RECEIVE THE LOWEST TOUR PRICE AVAILABLE FROM EF TOURS BEFORE YOU REGISTER WITH THEM.The key number is group size of 30+
  • What if we do not wish to travel with EF TOURS? Not a problem.  In this event, you will pay your deposit as mentioned above and a team tournament entry fee of approximately $500 ( varies per tournament ) which must be paid by October 1, 2011 (per tournament you wish to join). If you are planning on attending two tournaments, we ask for approximately $500 by October 1 and $500 by November 1 to confirm your place in the tournaments. The $100 per head for players and $50 per add on adult  ( varies per tournament, see above)  is all due upon arrival before your first game is played, and we would kindly ask it is paid before departure from the USA. It is also possible for you to buy  meals and other options without joining an EF tour. (Coaches who register their teams for tournaments only receive no stipend or free travel award. Coaches looking to be rewarded for a stipend and free travel award must have team fully registered booked, and paid for through EF tours.)
  • Why do we need to register early? Because most tournaments have a cap of 2-3 American teams per age division. Your deposit will hold your spot ( Except Danish u-14 tournament ). ABN works on a first come / first serve basis for team registrations. Our ideal size is 4-8 USA teams traveling on same trip itinerary.
  • So then what happens while I wait? When a tournament has received enough sign-ups to cross the 35 person threshold, you will be given a password to register at EF Tours. The $95 registration fee you pay at EFtours.com is non refundable, is non refundable, and required by their organization.
  • Why is this so confusing? Because ABN is in the basketball tournament business and our specialty is to concentrate on giving you the best basketball tournament experience you can have. We do not pretend to be travel agents, which is why we have teamed up with the worlds largest mover of student tours! You get the best of both worlds. In fact, this confusion is to protect you from wasting any non refundable registration fees.
  • What if 35 persons do not sign up for the tour by Sept 15th, 2011? On September 15th, you will be notified of the amount of people who have put deposits for your specific itinerary and make a decision if you want to proceed with the tour or not. You might also choose to go on a different trip that has larger numbers. At that time, your deposit from ABN will be fully refunded if you decide not to go on the trip.You may also choose to extend your deposit as we continue marketing for the trip.
  • What happens once I register with EF? EF will conduct a personal meeting with your team in your area at the date of your choosing to answer any and all questions about the program to both players and parents. EF will arrange payment plans for each individual registered. Your deposit with ABN also becomes non refundable at that time, and your tournament fees are due and payable to ABN ( financing available). EF will not process tours until tournament fees have been cleared through ABN.
  • Why are the tournament fees different?
  • The cost of living varies from country to country, and some of the tournaments have higher wage rates for officials, facility rental, and also might be paying for an NBA guest for you to see.
  • Unless you are on one of the tours which only offers one tournament, you will owe ABN approximately $1000+ for the two tournaments  and $100+  for each participant ( which covers facility fees, referees, table officials, shirt, and a meal) who will be on the trip.
  • Remember that the cost of living in Europe is much higher and that all costs for facilities, materials, employees, transportation, gas, etc cost more than what we are use to in the USA.
  • Parents pay a per-head fee one time of approximately $50 and this grants them tournament and camp access ( Most tournaments have one day entry fees of 10 Euros). Exact fees are listed above. Add ons such as extra lunches, etc are not included, but can be negotiated upon request.
  • Can we finance our tournament fee?                                                                  YES. Once you have committed to a tour, ABN can work with you on your tournament fee payments while you still are able to register with EF Tours.  Please remember that these tournament fees are used to secure our down payments for facilities as well as market for outstanding international competition. The sooner YOU commit, the sooner we can advertise YOU are coming!
  • What if I am a coach who wants paid for recruiting a team? You will be paid at the completion of the trip, with 50% of the agreed sum being paid at your arrival with the team, and the other 50% paid at the completion your chaperone duties. This money is paid by ABN.
  • (Coaches who register their teams for” tournaments only” receive no stipend or free travel award. Coaches looking to be rewarded for a stipend and free travel award must be listed as a chaperone and have the  team fully registered ,booked, and paid for through EF tours.)
  • Do we have to know all the names of the players on the team now? Absolutely not. And we understand how rosters change and injuries occur.  All we ask is you committ to a number of players, and then you may add names and change names until approx. February 1st. Remember that late registrants will have a very very large payment to make with EF if they do not start their monthly payments early. We also require all participants to take full insurance for the trip, which covers any injuries which prohibit a player from attending… EF is also understanding and will allow last minute transfers of funds and name changes, if not excessive.
  • Do we have to pay our registration with paypal?
    NO. But the “check in the mail” will not hold a team for you. Please contact ABN for a mailing address if you would like to send a bank check or cashiers check.
  • What if I am ready to register? Please fill out the blank forms below, then go to the “PAY ” page to make your online paypal payment, unless you are making other arrangements.
  • Please write us if you have any other questions.  EMAIL

  • Other Deposits:
  • Please confirm scouting or camp deposit with your email from ABN.
  • All  deposits ( NON IHC) are non-fundable after service work has begun, or after deadlines have been crossed. Any bank fees , exchange rates, or transfer costs will be deducted from the deposit amount. Your deposit remains in an account and is credited toward your final payment. Our objective is to have you as a customer, if you need special arrangements, please do not hesitate to contact us.
  • Remember to go to the PAY PAGE and make your payment after registration

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