IHC Denmark

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Denmark is the host of one International Hoops Challenge tournament. The tournament is a special invite only for one USA boys and one USA girls team to participate in a National Team level tournament of top challenge. It is currently known as the single strongest u14 tournament in Europe outside of the European Championships. An international coaches clinic will also be held at the same time. An outstanding networking opportunity.

  • June 21-24, 2012
  • Age groups   1 B & G  USA team from 14u
  • Located in Vaerloese, Denmark    map
  • just minutes from hotel and streetrail to downtown Copenhagen
  • National Team level tournament
  • Fantastic new facility. 3 full courts , one location!
  • 5 game camp tournament minimum
  • FIBA international referees. Tournament sanctioned by FIBA.
  • FIBA rules – full stop clock game times.
  • Strength of Tournament = A++  strongest in Europe!
  • Contact ABN to submit request to attend
  • You may also join tour #7 for a Denmark Germany tour.
  • Team Fee $1200. Per head fee participant $50. Extra persons fee $50 per.

ABN Camp July 1-6 in Aarhus , Denmark.

Please contact us if you are interested in this team camp. It is not designated as an IHC stop, but the possibility to attend as a team is. Strength of competition is C with local club teams. Camp rules, camp teams. The camp is partnered with the Danish Champions: Bakken Bears. This unofficial team camp tournament can be entered for $500/ team fee $30/player parents free.

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