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2011 is a new year for ABN! A new logo for the company is the start, and our Christian Ministry outreach is one of our newest expansions.

We are very excited for all the contacts we get from coaches and players who want to use basketball as a platform for their ministries. As a result, we are trying to pool together these connections and put together some outstanding opportunities.

I would like to begin by thanking all of you who visit this page of the website. I ask  all of you who visit this page to leave a note on the blog space. I believe all of you connecting up can also serve a great Purpose of this website page. Perhaps our responses can demonstrate how large this network of Christian coaches, players , and churches can extend to.

I also really need to find some overseas churches which would like a group of high school or college boys or girls come and serve their church. We have bodies, we need locations!

Currently,  we are in discussions with churches in Kazahkstan,  Ghana, and Peru. Opportunities can also be found in connection in attending our team camps in Northern Europe, and I have received some contacts from an AIA group in the Baltics. We hope to send one or two teams of players and coaches to each of these venues in 2012. Do you want to be part of this?

ABN Needs help with this project!

We are looking for a few good men and women who would like to devote themselves to recruiting and coordinating one of these mission trips. If you are a member of FCA, AIA, or any other travel basketball organization, we would love to collaborate and support you as well.

ABN is also looking for ex-professional players and coaches who might like to volunteer their time and appear at one of these venues. All suggestions are appreciated and listened to.We want this to be an open venue.

PLAYERS: Are you a  high school or college aged player who would like to finance their own mission to work with an impoverished church overseas?  You will have an opportunity to work with a church in a foreign land either building, serving, teaching, coaching, or ministering during the daytime. At night you will get a chance to play international basketball with the other Americans you travel with against local club teams. You will make friends and have a cultural experience like non other available. Hosting will be done in private residences by members of the church congregation in that country. No matter what you do, we want this to be an unforgettable experience for you.

COACHES: If you are interested in serving as a coach, we need you!  Your ministry opportunity begins by working as a camp instructor with other Christian coaches at a church sponsored camp in another country. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to either coach the American missionaries in their international contests, or lead small groups meetings for the church with their members. Your passion and motivation will impact so many lives! Our ABN camps are now coached by an abundance of Christian Coaches and in 2012 we want to begin fellowship breakfasts. Bringing your team or just yourself to our camps can also impact lives.  A purpose driven camp is our new motto!

CHURCHES: If you would like a group of students and their coaches to come and serve your church. All we ask is that you can host your guests during their stay there. In home experience could be a blessing for both them members of your congregation and our missionaries.

DONORS: If you are a Christian Philanthropist, we really need you!  Your contributions can help us  expand  to mission sites in 10 different countries by 2015. Currently, our prayers are to get financing for our first trip in 2012

3 Responses to Ministry

  1. Mike Turpin says:

    God is good, great meeting you Rob. I know God is going to do some amazing things thru you. Keep up the FAITH. Coach Turpin

  2. Sean Smith says:

    This is amazing and please send out more information.

  3. Julie McGuire says:

    This sounds like an amazing and very exciting ministry! Blessings to you and and your minsitry team! I’ll be praying that God’s hand continues to be on you and that He continues to enlarge your territories, according to His perfect will. (1 Chron.4:10)

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