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Supercamps are the wave of the future! ABN was involved with two of the earliest camps in Europe, and now is expanding in 2012 and beginning supercamps in 8 locations.

What is a Supercamp?
  • An American-style overnight basketball camp:
  • 200-500 campers for one week or two weeks
  • American coaching staff working as coaches during the camp and as lecturers during the coaches clinic.
  • American professional players working as counselors and Free Agents at night
  • NBA coach/Player as Guest
  • National Team level players working as counselors and individual station workers during the camp and as players against the free agents at night.
  • International Basketball tournament on weekend with minimum 10 visiting teams from the USA
  • FIBA International Coaches Clinic¬† with NBA level coaches
  • Free Agent Camp using professional players looking for contracts
  • FIBA / National Domestic Referee and Coaching certificates possiblities
Who can host a camp?
Anyone can host this type of camp. We prefer to develop existing day or overnight camps as the infrastructure is already present.
How big do facilities need to be?
We prefer facilities which have at least 6 indoor basketball courts and 6 outdoor courts. We must have facilities which are close to lodging, cafeteria, easy transportation , and hopefully a central tourist area.However, we are starting two of our supercamps at locations which have only two large basketball gyms in one locations. The larger the facility, the larger we can internationalize your camp.
What do we do if we are interested in a supercamp?
Contact Rob Friedrich and you will be sent a prospectus.Most important… our camps are all high quality, elite fundamentals camps played with the highest expectations of sportsmanship, integrity, and international goodwill.

5 Responses to Supercamps

  1. David Henry says:

    i am a good friend of George “The Ice Man” Gervin
    he has just built a 3 court state of the art facility here in San Antonio which I feel would be a great location for a summer camp please contact me if you would like to discuss further

  2. Craig atkins says:

    I’m interested in your super camp. I have the facility here in king of Prussia , Pennsylvania ..united states. We have several courts available 5 in one building another 3 down the street. One of the biggest malls for shopping in the states. All kinds of hotels motel. All major highways meet here. 25 minutes from down town Philadelphia. Please contact me @ 267-625-6857. Craig Atkins

  3. mohammed khames says:

    I’m intrested in and like your super camp. I’m from saudi arabi and we have the excelnt facility here in jeddah and rhyed ,dammam. what we cold it green hall for basketball and other sport but my filed is basketball as ex-player for itthad club and i work as team manger for club and saudi arabi national teame . you can aske the fadration about me”mohmmed khames” know I work as gnaral manger for time-out basketball acadmey at jeddah nice city near the sea saide ,,hotels, cars. caftriaes, tuorst city. i would like in the neare future to do capm and invite caoches who intrsting to do camp at saudi arabi during the swumer time . what about my proupsal??

  4. john mccrimmon says:

    @mohammend Khames…would like to do a camp there in your country…coach john from the usa..704-807-3315

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