Switzerland 2013

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Save $100 off registration signing up for the Wilson Swiss All Star Camp ( Europe’s largest Basketball Camp) ONLY through this website! contact info@assistbasketball for details!

International Hoops Challenge July 17-20 , 2013

Switzerland is the home of Europe’s largest basketball camp. The Wilson Swiss All Star Basketball Camp, owned by Charlie McCormick and Jon Ferguson, is one of the greatest camps ever assembled!  Rob Friedrich was the technical and logistics director of  this camp from 1995-2004. Now the camp is a partner camp to ABN. The camp is located in a small town called Zofingen, about 45 minutes from Zurich, 20 minutes from Luzerne.

The second week of the Wilson Camp is used as one of the IHC tournaments, embedded into the camp tournament. Depending on the tour you choose, you may or may not participate in the huge international 3-3 tournament. The full court tournament has running clock rules but you are guaranteed 5 games. The environment and facilities are one of a kind.

EFTour #1 will take you through Switzerland and down into Italy through Florence and Rome, where you will play basketball also against Italian teams. Tours are already formed and booked for 2013.

Click on the tournaments page to see more information on these tours.

If you are interested in attending the Swiss Camp only , outside of the ABN packages, ABN can offer you a special price you cannot receive anywhere else. This offer is good ONLY to participants outside of Switzerland. Contact us for details.

3 Responses to Switzerland 2013

  1. Serap Kilkis says:

    Dear Sirs!
    We have a 13yrs old son(185cm) ,he plays preety good basketball team in istanbul and he want to improve his basketball technics.
    We are also planning to come with him .it can be switzerland,italy or Franco but he Seka’sı only english.
    Can you send us all details and piresi for theese camps and also accomodation.
    Serap Kilkis

  2. Dear friends,
    Looking at sending a group of students for the Switzerland 2013 camp.Could you send me details.

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