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Giving Assists*…

I worked with Rob at the Swiss Basketball Camp from 1997-2004. Rob was a driving force in the camp management and logistics. Rob found the answers to problems before the problems even arose.  I recommend him to design and build any camp, especially overseas.  Rob cares about kids and the development of European Players. He discusses with me frequently the opportunities of developing new camps in Europe.

Tom Sterner,  NBA coach,. Toronto Raptors                 Dallas Mavericks, Orlando Magic, GS Warriors, Philadelphia 76′ers

Coach Friedrich built a system which a newly promoted professional team, when I was a player,  into the 1. Bundesliga Playoffs in its first season! He is an excellent coach and understands the game of international basketball. Once I was a player of his, now he is asking  me to speak at large international coaching clinics which he manages.
Dimitry Shakoulin ,Head Coach CSKA Moscow      
Ex- 1. Bundesliga leading scorer ; Ex-Russian National Team Player

Coach Robert Friedrich is a man with incredible
knowledge of the game of basketball. Over 3 decades of playing, organizing, coaching and loving the college and pro game. His extensive career has been with great dignity and prestige . Only his spirit over shines his love of the game of basketball.His mentorship of a young coach like myself has made the difference in my life as a man and as a coach. I endorse the incredible coach Rob Friedrich and his awesome ASSIST BASKETBALL NETWORK. It caters to the complete basketball community. ABN basketball network is the new hub for Camps, European basketball experiences and complete Knowledge of the worldwide game. Thanks coach

Coach Sharone Wright , Ex-NBA Player   Ex 1st Round Draft Pick
 Pro International Coach   www.swbbwk.webs.com

Dear Basketball Friends:
I worked with Rob many years ago in a camp/clinic project in Denmark. He did a wonderful job for everyone involved in these events. Then, I have followed some of his other outstanding events over the years with great pride.He has a real passion for international basketball. He makes a difference for players, coaches for all the basketball family. Please, join him in any of his ventures. We will be joining any of his events that our schedule allows. They will be class events with great organization. You will have a ball.
Best Swishes,
Terry Layton
FIBA Worldwide coach and clinician
President, Basketball Connections

”I called Rob in February and by June we had 183 campers at a camp and I made Euro 18,000 profit using his management system. Rob understands marketing, facility management, and camp logistics. The content of his camps are exactly as he claims them “elite fundamentals.” The players will not receive better instruction than the courses he offers. His expertise is well worth the cost of flying him to analyze your camp and needs.
Dr. Markus Nassbaumer
South German Recreational BB Assoc.

I have known Rob since 1992 as one of his national team players, as a camper at his ABC CAMP, as participant in the Olympic Development program for Team Danmark, as a player he helped counsel to come to USA and play, as a coach he hired to work at the Swiss All Star Basketball Camp ( the largest camp I have ever seen), and now as a colleague where we are planning on create a new camp. I have been part of Rob’s book, ABC Basketball, and highly recommend him to any club to help coach, manage, camp develop, or scout.
Jesper Krone Rasmussen, Ex professional Player and Coach ,ABC Camp MVP 1993  Current Professional Basketball Coach and Elite Development Foreman
“ABC Basketball Camp in Denmark was the most fantastic camp ever created in Scandinavia. No one thought it was possible to create such a large international camp in such a small country in the Nordic! Over 400 campers, 12 countries, 2 National Teams, an NBA Player, 2 NBA Coaches ( Hall of Famers!), 6 international Teams, and a free agent camp vs. Danish National Team match that was unreal. Rob Friedrich created a supercamp before the word even existed!” I had so much fun!   Jens Olsen, camper

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