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BOYS and GIRLS 18u (1993),16u (1995), 14u (1997)

  1. Email ABN and make sure there is an available spot in the tournament you want. Fill out a brochure and return via email.
  2. Go to the Registration/Fees page and see the tournament fees and pay your deposit with ABN and fill out your registration form.
  3. Decide if you will plan your own travel or use EFTours. If you will use EFTours, then you must register with them on their site. You will receive a code from ABN. EFtours finances trips!

IHC Location


Monte Carlo, Monaco

18u, 16u, 14u

June 28-30,2012

Aarhus, Denmark

22u,18u, 16u, 14u

August 5-12,     2012*

Agen, France

18u, 16u, 14u

July 6-8,     2012

Zofingen, Switzerland

18u, 16u, 14u

July 12-15, 2012*

Florence, Italy

35 and over 22u,18u, 16u, 14u

June 17-24,2012*

Rogla, Slovenia

18u, 16u, 14u

July 20-22, 2012

Shanghai, China

18u, 16u, 14u

June 24-30, 2012*

Spain, Germany, Estonia, Austria

28-30 June

tba ( august)

* Denotes week camp also ( team camp and tournament)

IHC tournaments are managed in a cooperation with ABN and a local partner. You may register for an IHC event as a team or individual.

The following are our prepackaged tours offered  by EFTOURS. Click on the brochures page ( under registration) to see trip plans.


Tour 1 Switzerland-Italy$3329* NYC

Alps, The Lakes, Venice. Our oldest and most popular tour.  Tournament outside of Lucerne, SWTZ and in Lonato, IT.  Visit the largest basketball camp in Europe! Includes Streetball tournament + 9 game minimum- meet NBA player and NBA coach!


Tour 2 France-Swiss $3184* NYC

My personal favorite sightseeing trip. You will see the best of the Alps!  Visit the  beautiful Provence area of France and then visit the largest camp in Europe. Includes 4 games +Streetball meet NBA player and coach!

3 day / 5 game extension=       $3919* NYC

Tour 3  Poland-Ger-$3,068* NYC

On to Poland for an ABN elite fundamentals camp. Then travel through Berlin for 2 days and then spend a day at the world favous Legoland.. home of Legos and the most dangerous tech rides ever invented. One day at an outdoor wild kingdom animal safari, and then become part of the largest camp in Denmark.. the Bakken Bears camp in Aarhus Denmark Incl: 8 games and meet NBA player and coach. This itinerary and prices will be posted soon..

Tour4 France/Monaco/Spain $2614*NYC

Mediterreanean French -Spanish Riviera Beaches  delight!  Nice, Monaco, Marseilles, Nimes, Barcelona. This is a new tour for 2012 and for those of you that want to see the charm of the Riviera.. it does not get better… Includes 4 gms and 3 day /4 game extension=  $3414*NYC

Tour 5    Italy- Slovenia $3172* NYC 

This is our STRONGEST tournament in the SOUTH  u-19 /u-17/u-15.  Milano, Verona, Garda, Venice. The tournament in Lonato is in one of the most beautiful places in this planet. Includes 4+ games against tough international teams.  Continue on to Slovenia for a possible 3 day / 4 game extension=              $3522* NYC

Tour 6   China 2822* West Coast

Our newest continent! Be part of the first IHC team tournaments in China! possible NBA player and meet NBA coach for sure! See Beijing, home of the 2008 Olympics, the Great Wall, and then go on a magical journy outside of Shanghai to the Shanghai Experimental School where an ABN Elite Fundamentals Player Development Camp will be held. We will have both NBA player and coach present and you will get training as well as international matches!

Berlin-Copenhagen 14u tour

This tour is only open to 2 very strong 14u (1997′s) teams  in a National Team Level Invitational. England, Sweden, Norway, Denmark, Finland, Berlin select, the host team, and “YOUR USA” Team round out this field. This is an exclusive offer through ABN to find this one girls and one boys team. Includes 5 National Team level games. Extra warm up match can be arranged in Berlin. Email for approval application. Itinerary and Price list coming soon.

Tour 8   Spain  sorry no 2012 tour

Our most charming and Sunny trip near beaches! Coming Soon. Barcelona and/ or Malaga areas. We are going to try to add an outdoor tourney on the beach, if possible.

Tour 9   Brazil soon or 2013

This trip will be ready in 2013, but expect it to sell out immediately , so keep up on this page.


You can create your own trip or combine elements of the above trips. Beware.. price increase will be significant if your group size is less than 35. But if you have 35 people, you will get the lowest price and if you have 20+ you will receive a much reduced price. Please note we will only create a custom trip for you after a deposit is made and tournament is paid in full.

  1. Registration Fees are paid to ABN. ABN is responsible for the tournaments and is not a travel agent.
  2. You may choose your own travel vendor, however, we have a new global cooperation with the world’s largest youth travel organization and have created  prepackaged tours with EFtours.
  3. Registration closes in October. Register early to take advantage of summer specials. Only 2 American teams are allowed in every age classification.
  4. Most tournaments are represented by a minimum of 4 countries. You will NEVER be scheduled to play another USA team in pool play and will always play foreign teams unless you meet in the finals! ( We have had traveling USA teams beg us to schedule an extra rivalry match.. it is possible!)
  5. All games full stop clock games under FIBA rules and played on indoor full sized courts. No outdoor tournament games.  ( except in camp 3-3 in Switzerland: shortened running clock games and streetball outdoors)
  6. All games have qualified licensed FIBA referees.
  7. All venues will charge admission.. yes.. there will be fans!
  8. Age limits for 2012.   18u (born after Aug. 1, 1993); 16u: Aug 1995; 14u: Aug. 97). There might be some variance in some camp atmospheres to fill individual teams.
  9. **After deposit is made with ABN, and confirmation given that you are accepted , you are asked to register with $95 deposit with EFTOURS and create your financing plans. EFTours deposit is nonrefundable. ABN deposit refundable until guarantee of trip group size   (Sept 30th).  Payment plans available. Full Payment by March, 2012. Only EF does financing, ABN does no financing.

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