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Aug 10-20  Email blast only $75…Get exposure! ABN can help you find your playing or coaching  job overseas….

1. Use our free classified ads.. worlds largest free basketball classifieds. They work!

2. Advertising rates on ABN 2014 April or ABN Blast prompt sheet-2013-14 versionPDF

3.Travel with a team overseas. Work at one of our camps.


Read about these opportunities below


Our Free classifieds are  for coaches, players, clubs, potential free agents and pros, agents, club and camp promotions, material and resource promotions.. think of Craigslist for international basketball!!

Our $125 email blast includes video analysis and 8,000+ email sending. (international clubs leaders, managers, decision makers)

If you are a coach or player who would like to have your scouting synopsis created by ABN, we offer a very cheap resource. You send us two tapes, or weblinks, we analyze your play and create a scouting report, and send this to over 4000 direct contacts. Although we always recommend to get you overseas and in front of people, this is also a solution which gives your profile a bit of backbone when sent out.


Click here and complete this form

Common mistake of professional players?  They do not invest in their futures and prepare for their next job. They wait at home and think some email, or website, or even psuedo agent, will find them their next overseas job. The biggest mistake is these players do not understand that there are over 8000 available players fighting for less than 1000 jobs, and worst of all, all of these jobs are already filled by someone right now!

Normal “workers in the world” looking for jobs go to school, advance degrees, do continuing education, rewrite their resumes, volunteer work, do internships, attend meet and greets, network,etc. So like them.. you need to invest.

Work as a counselor at one of our free agent camps. Here is how it works.

  • The price?: Your plane ticket and insurance only!
  • We are looking for both men and women.
  • Our camps are free… You work half a day and get to train/showcase half a day
  • Your investment: (estimated airfare, transfers,pocket money, insurance, deposit).
  • You get to practice 2 hrs each day, work out in the weight room each day, work as a counselor each day, and hopefully be networking.
  • Each camp has  some showcase marquee games to show off your skills.
  • You will be asked to play “with” a local team, not against, so you can truly show how you fit in with a team, not show how you can fight with a bunch of other free agents on the same team to get the most stats.
  • Follow these steps:
  1. You have to apply and be selected. Complete the form above and email to
  2. You pay for round trip airfare and show ticket receipt within 6 weeks of camp or you are replaced on list Your return portion should be changeable.
  3. You have to have insurance and demonstrate this before we allow you to walk onto our campsite. Proof of insurance is mandatory.
  4. You have to have pocket money or you will starve and not have a very good time.
  5. At some camps we ask for a small deposit to insure hotel room damages, etc.
  6. Create a FREE classified ad so all can see your profile and links
  7. We created video ads for only $25… be on the front page and be seen easier by club managers.

We currently are accepting applications for the following dates in 2015:  

  • Italy  June 3-12
  • Spain June 15- July 13  contact us for a contact with our basketball residence
  • Switzerland July 15-27
  • Italy July 19-24
  • Denmark July 28-August 9    best bet for job placement and exposure
  • Spain.. contact us for our contact with a basketball residence academy

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