ABN List of Services

Camp Management

  • Consulting for Clubs, Coaches, Teams, Players
  • International Marketing
  • On-site basketball camp and tournament management
  • Business & sponsor plan creation, programs for website / NBA marquee'
  • Camp "kit in a box" with scheduling, weekly practice plans, to-do list, etc
  • Tournament "kit in a box" with bracket schedules, to-do lists, etc

Camps- Coaching Placement - NBA Placement

  • We can screen and find you American Coaches to fit your budget
  • We can find you NBA players / NBA coaches to fit your budget

International Tournaments

  • Tournament Management ( see camp management)
  • We can provide American Teams for your tournament
  • We can market your tournament worldwide

International Tours

  • ABN is one of the few remaining companies which can create and personalize your basketball tour for your ABA or D-League team. We team up with the world's largest supplier of students ( EF TOURS) to offer you a safe and dynamic experience.

Domestic & International Scouting

  • TEAM: Video or live game. Comprehensive report
  • INDIVIDUAL. Video or Game review; Player background, etc.
  • CV write ups for free agents.. reviews, international marketing blasts   (Requires two videos for scouting synopsis)

Motivational Speaking - Kinesthetic Team Building

  • Ropes Courses, Challenge Courses, Team Building Workshops
  • Soft Skills courses with Measurable Formative Assessments
  • Dynamic Sportsmanship Presentations
  • "Provide a star"..we help find a star for larger budgets.
  • Guest Coach Practice session.. great motivational tool!

Helping European High school and college players find schools in USA

  • Our pleasure..  it is what networking is all about.. remember, in many states in the usa.. it is illegal to recruit or place high school athletes.

Christian Ministries

  • Our newest venture!
  • Creating Volunteer Christian tours overseas
  • Interested? Contact us

We run the largest LinkedIN group on the internet.. we try to connect everyone!



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